About Us
2022 Council Officers and Members
Lay President Christopher Cornwell
Vic President Carol Wilber
Secretary Catherine Caiazzo
Treasurer Jeanette Cornwell

Jill Attanasio (22), Mike Taccone (22)
Judy Warner (23), Denise Price (23 - 2nd), Mark VanDerwerken (23)
Shirley Lawyer (24 - 2nd), Linda Carman (24 - 2nd), Dorothy Lawyer (24)

We thank our Pulpit Supply Preachers for serving our congregation:
Pastor Jim Crouthamel, Pastor Bill Siiss, Deaconess Mary Rainey, Pastor Dennis Meyer, Pastor Elaine Berg
Deacon Tom Collins, Pastor Rahel Hahn, Pastor Roger Behrens, Pastor Bert Mayne, Pator Greg Zajac, Pastor John Knarvik, Deacon Jean Guarino, Pastor Dave Perisinger, Rev. Peter Cook,  Pastor Judy Converse, Pastor Tonya Eza, Deacon Janice Walz, Deacon Sandy Shear, and Pastor Jessica Lambert.

Bethany Lutheran is currently sharing a Synodically Authorized Minister (SAM) Mr. Bob Holt with Helderberg Lutheran Church in Berne, NY.
The two congregations are now Yoked and we are/will be sharing more in the future.

Helderberg Lutheran on Facebook
History of Helderberg Lutheran as St. Paul's