Transition Information
Subject: Bethany IIP with Pastor Silvernail next Steps  - January 15, 2020
Dean Simurro and Pastor Silvernail
Thank you for meeting with Bethany this evening. Following our meeting a motion was made, seconded, and approved by all to allow this process to move to the next steps which is have a similar meeting with you both with Zion St John’s.  Following this discussion, and upon a similar motion by Zion St Johns Council the next steps would be for a joint meeting of by Councils to discuss a potential sharing agreement.
As for a timing for all of this, it is anticipated the meeting with Zion St Johns will occur before Pastor Silvernail departs for vacation by the end of January which, pending similar outcomes from Seward will allow both of our congregation councils to meet early February to begin joint scheduling and negotiations of a shared arrangement.
Please keep us posted as to you conversation with Zion St Johns. I have cc’d Bethany Council on this along with Zion St Johns and will also be letting our Congregation know of our next steps.
Possible Intentional Interum Pastor Jeff SIlvernail can been seen preaching on this Youtube link.
I inadvertantly deleted the items I had here.  I will add any new information going forward.  Cathy
This is the 2019 Annual Report as presented at the January 2020 Congregational Meeting. I did not scan the 2018 Report, nor the pages from the ELCA's Report.  This is my own, scribbled on copy; sorry.