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Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
Welcome to Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
185 Church Street
P.O. Box 273
Central Bridge, NY 12035-0273

Sunday Service @ 10am

The Reverend Steffen A. Zehrfuhs, Pastor


2018 Council Officers and Members
Lay President Christopher Cornwell
Secretary Venus Ludewig

Financial Secretary Dennis Tilison
Treasurer Jeanette Cornwell

2015-2017: Elaine  Diamond, Fred LaTulipe, Judith Ann Poquette
2016-2018: Katrina Lawyer, Everett Palmer III, Carol Wilber
2017-2019: Jillian Hahn, Yvonne Keller-Baker, Michael Taccone

"September 1, 1976 - June 1, 2018
At the Annual Congregational Meeting of Bethany Lutheran Church, on Sunday, January 21, Pastor Steffen Zehrfuhs announced his retirement date: June 1, 2018.  Arriving in the fall of 1976 with wife, Sue, son, David, and and daughter-on-the-way, Diane, Pastor Zehrfuhs began his (one-and-only-church) ministry at Bethany.  With 42 years, he is (by far) the longest serving pastor with the congregation.  Many thanks have been shared between the pastor and church members.  The coming months will be very busy.  Hope to see you at worship services and congregational events."
 Pastor Zehrfuhs

Saturday May 19 - Retirement Dinner at the church  - watch the mail for your invitation and Please return the RSVP card in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope by May 1st.  Seating is Limited!!  This event is being catered by Wolfe's, so none of us will have to wash all the dishes and silverware afterwards!

Sunday May 27 - The Last Sermon

Poster for teh God Gives Hope program"God Gives Hope"
This is an effort by sixteen churches in Schoharie County to join together in bringing the Good News of Jesus to all people in the Valley.  This four-week series will 'hopefully' reach you and others with the following themes:
April 15 - Hope for New Beginnings
April 22 - Hope for Troubled Times
April 29 - Hope for the Future
May 6 - Hope for the World
More information is available from their website

  Weekly Servers for April/May
April Ushers - Deny Tilison & Michael Tilison
4/8 - Acolyte Serena Drobnack; Altar Flowers ???
4/15 - Scolyte Christina Palmer; Altar Flowers Elaine Bortell
4/22 - Acolyte Taylor Palmer; Altar Flowers ?????
4/29 - Acolyte samantha Nelsom, Altar Flowers ?????

May Ushers - Jeanne Hay and Christina Palmer
5/6 - Acolyte Peter Palmer; Altar Flowers Diane Manchester
5/13 - Acolyte George Nelson; Altar Flowers Jeanne Hay
5/20 - Acolyte Venus Ludewig; Altar Flowers Lorri Armstrong
5/27 - Acolyte Michelle Kindt; Altar Flowers Sandy Palmer

June Ushers - John VanDerwerken and Otis Lawyer
6/3 - Acolyte Annie Poquette; Altar Flowers Pauline Putman
6/10 - Acolyte Serena Drobnack; Altar Flowers Diane Manchester

Boy Scout Pin for God and Family requirement "God and Family" in Boy Scouting
George Nelson will be presented the "God and Family" pin he has earned on May 13th during the worship service.Attending will be family mambers as well as representatives from his scout troop.  Come and help one of our newest acolytes celebrate this milestone!


Communion Bread for 2018
5/1 - Diane Manchester
6/1 - Elaine Cooper

  Sunday School 
from 10 -11 am on:
 4/8, 4/22, 5/6, 5/20.
New leaders are Jillian Hahn and Yvonne Keller-Baker.

People in line for food buffet/smorgasbordMothers' Day Smorgasbord Dinner
...will be held at the church May 11th from 4:30-6:30.  A LOT of WORK goes into making these 2 hours a success, and we need YOURS!  Please remember to return your filled-out form by April 22, and then do a little bit more. 
Wed. 5/9 - 10:30 AM - clean and prepare for the dinner
Thurs. 5/10 - 8:30 AM - prep some of the food
Fri. 5/11 - eat? Not so fast! 12 noon - finish setting up
Fri. 5/11 - 4:30-6:30 PM - keep the food and beverages flowing
Fri. 5/11 - AFTER 6:30 pm - OK, NOW you can eat!

Church Yard Sale signYard Sale
Memorial Day weekend Friday 5/25 and Saturday 5/26 at Nate and Angela Armstrong's house (formerly Jane King's house) on Rt. 30A across from Dunkin' Donuts.  This is an annual Bethany family Ministry project, and some of the money raised is given to a special cause.  Help by donating stuff, moving stuff, and selling stuff.  Call Pastor Stef or Barb Liddle with any questions.

Picture of Blooming Red FlowersRed Plants and Flowers for Pentecost
Bring them on Pentecost Sunday June 20th to help symbolize the fire of the Holy Spirit inside.  They will be planted outside later to shine all summer long.

   Altar Flowers for 2018

4/22 - ???
4/29 - ???
5/6 - Diane Manchester
5/16 - Jeanne Hay
5/20 - Lorri Armstrong
5/27 - Sandy Palmer
6/3 - Pauline Putman
6/10 - Diane Manchester
6/17 - ???
6/24 - Carol Wilber
7/1 - Elaine Cooper

7/8 - ???
7/15 - ???
7/22 - ???
7/29 - ???
8/5 - ???
8/12 - Linda Klingbeil
8/19 - Jane King
8/26 -
9/2 - Shirley Barber
9/9 - Kristy Hoos
9/16 - Carol Wilber
9/23 - Betty Taccone
9/30 & 10/7 - Jeanette Cornwell
10/14 - Pat Mau
10/21 - Linda Carman
10/28 -
11/4 - ???
11/11 - Jeanne Hay
11/18 -
11/25 - Betty Taccone
12/2 - Dorothy Lawyer
12/9 -
12/16, 12/23, 12/24, 12/30 - Cathy Caiazzo

Ladies' Auxiliary
Did you know? All Ladies of the church are considered members of the Ladies' Auxiliary. Come to our meetings, held on the second Wednesday @ 12 noon . Our meetings open with reading a psalm, then a short story, followed by a discussion of church related items such as our turkey supper and smorgasbord. We close with a benediction (see below). Our meetings are very informal, with plenty of time for visiting with everyone. Come Join Us! We Need Your Ideas And Suggestions!

Officers for 2018: 

Pres. Jeanette Cornwell
V.P. Elaine Cooper
Sec. Cathy Caiazzo
Treas. Sue Zehrfuhs (through 6/1)

Next Meeting  - Wednesday April 11th at 12 noon at the church
"A Benediction"
from Carol Zale
As you go your way may Christ go with you.
May he go before you to show you the way;
May he go behind you to encourage you;
Beside you to befriend you;
Above you to watch over you;
Within you to give you peace!

Alzheimer's Caregiving Support Group

Interested in volunteering to help caregivers for 2-3 hours/month?  Questions? Contact Pastor Zehrfuhs, or Renee Mandarano (518-238-4162).

Stretch along with Venus Ludewig as she leads yoga sessions here at Bethany on Tuesdays, now with three one-hour sessions beginning at 10am, 2:15, 5:15, and 6:15pm.   Relax and benefit from the harmony of mind and body.  $5/session.

Blue Clothing Box
The blue clothing recycling bin is located by the parsonage garage. Bethany is paid 5 cents/pound for these donated items: all men's, lady's and children's clothing, handbags, belts, paired shoes and sneakers, sheets, blankets, towels, bedspreads, draperies, curtains, material, stuffed animals, hats and scarves.

Blue Clothing Box website

Groups and Ministries
Prayer Ministry - daily prayer list (see Newsletter), use the yellow file cards and the Prayer Concerns Box on the back table for names and concerns to be passed along to the Prayer Chain.  Call Grace Warner for further information.

Choir - Director Carol Wilber. The Choir sings a weekly offering anthem, and lead the congregation in the worship service music and hymns. No audition needed!

Sunday School - the first and third Sunday of the month @ 10am. 
Leaders are Jillian Hahn and Yvonne Keller-Baker.

Prayer Shawl Ministry - If you can't knit or crochet, you can still donate yarn or money for yarn.  Since we started (May '06), the congregation has blessed 611 prayer shawls, and 570 have been given away.

Food Pantry - for emergency use for any and all folks in need. Canned and boxed goods (nothing that needs refrigeration) are always welcome; you don't have to wait for a special drive.  Total use for 2013 = 79 uses with 264 people fed. Total use for 2014 = 129 uses and 464 people fed.

Albany Maritime Ministry - (as of 5/10)  Richard & Marilyn Walker @ 518-872-2622

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