Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church


Welcome to Bethany Evangelical
Lutheran Church

We exist to welcome people to Jesus Christ,
equip them with a faith that works in real life,
and send them into the world to serve in Jesus' name
Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
185 Church Street
P.O. Box 273
Central Bridge, NY 12035-0273
518-868-2868 (monitored daily)


Leader of Record Robert Holt, SAM*
 1-505-234-6077 OR

* Synodically Authorized Minister


Link to 2023 Annual Congregational Meeting

Due to illness there will be
NO SUNDAY SCHOOL on January 29th

Please note: the Ladies' Auxiliary meeting has been postponed until
Wednesday 2/1 @ 10 am in the Parsonage

Special Offering Collection for January & February & March
for the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley

Items needed are: 30 gal. garbage bags, Dawn dish soap, kitty litter, canned and dry cat food, canned and dry kitten food, canned and dry dog food, Lysol all-purpose floor cleaner, liquid laundry detergent, bleach, 2-sided sponges, & money.

The Coin Jar collection will also go to the Shelter, so please be generous.

FOOD PANTRY - Now on the 2nd Monday of each month at the church. People in charge are
Jeanne Hay, Donna Schuttig, Judy Warner, Luanne Manscheffer, & Sandy Deems. Call 518-868-2868 to arrange 
food pick up at other times.  Current food pantry needs are toilet paper, canned fruit,  spaghetti & spaghetti 
sauce, cereal, canned beets, coffee, 100% fruit juice, vegetable oil, sugar, flour, ketchup & mayonnaise.